Man Enough

80% of suicides are by men; women outlive us by 7 years; 70% of the world’s problems are as a result of daddy issues; 75% of jail birds have daddy issues.

Blame these statistics on some surveys. The figures may be stretched, but they paint a vivid picture of what is.

Unleashing the man within
I took part in Man Enough – an 8 week challenge, running in a model like Mizizi, which involves authentic man-to-man conversations on the things that matter, among them: sex, mission and legacy. 


Some of the convictions I have now, are lessons I learnt on this journey. Credit them to Pastor Simon Mbevi:

  • A real man keeps time, pays his bills and keeps commitments.
  • A real man takes initiative, lives responsibly, leads sacrificially, loves faithfully and leaves a legacy
  • Legacy has to do with touching lives and impacting the community. How does the cause you live for make lives better for others?
  • A man is at his best when he is mentoring. When he walks with his wife and calls out the best from within her. When he takes care of the homeless and ensures that the youth find guidance.
  • As a mentor, he is not perfect, but he is real.
  • As a warrior, he refuses to give in to failure, alcoholism, divorce and abuse. He fights on to his seat of destiny. He is committed to finishing well on every season of his life.
  • He has enough discipline to be trusted with a dangerous weapon
  • Loners do not live long, community is healthy.
  • Does not only dream in his head about a tomorrow, he gets down to business to create it. He is a diligent worker.
  • A real man is at his best when he reaches out to help the weak, protect the vulnerable and show compassion to the needy.

Trust me, one of the greatest feelings for a man is marching with other men on a similar journey; men facing the same challenges as he his – exactly what Man Enough enabled me to do.




At Man Enough, I made commitments to: faith, family, friends, character and a cause, in front of my band of brothers to help keep me accountable. And what a journey it is.


Some of my band brothers



I am a better man.

Herein, my tribute.


A new group begins this week! Highly recommended.  

More details: WebsiteFacebook


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