A love affair with photography [I]

Photography and I always had this complicated relationship; meeting in common places, then stares and drooling but none of us making a move really, just some plain courtesies, and a hope that she’s thinking what I’m thinking . . .

Honestly, I didn’t care much for my unit in campus.

It was scheduled on a Friday afternoon – a time when my attention was totally sold to colorful weekend scents; I found the DSLR we used too old, complex and irrelevant . . .  the dark room too dark and the developer/ exposure chemicals very much nauseating.

The reason I probably stuck on was because it was a compulsory unit. But what the history books havn’t said yet is the real reason: that there was a lass I had my eyes on, and we somehow got paired up by the lecturer. .

This meant doing practical sessions together, ha! My enthusiasm for the course hit an abnormal high. Oh I couldn’t wait for days we went shooting, always hoping for complex assignments that would keep us glued together studying the complexities of photography, ahem.

But my photos, well . . . were mostly guess work.

Photo credit | The Chive

Photo credit | The Chive

She taught me a thing or two though. I aced it, sighing a relief as I walked out of those gates thinking me and photography we were done.

Only I didn’t know my career would take a dive into this!

Fortunately through the love-hate relationships, God has been sending me some angels in the form of Nazaryan a war photographer, and Kelly who makes humanitarian photography look sexy. I’m not kidding, go look. And it’s Kelly who gave me this . .

The unforgettable photograph

… through it I’m learning to capture emotion, to take a moment, raise it and suspend it to eternity.  . to reveal what people are truly feeling.

Tough nut.

But I also recently enrolled at PhotoMagic. I’m starting to see that those subliminal feelings we’ve had all along are actually something. The sparks and the glow . . . my, what a fire this is turning out to be!


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