As I grow older . . .

 . . . will I give a chance to the young,

or will I scrape for opportunities with them?


Will my wife, happily grow old with me,

or will ours be a nightmare, an unending horror movie?

Shall I be friends with my in-laws,

Or an outlaw?


Present to do school assignments with my sons, daughters;

guide during the raging torrents of adolescence,

or will I be too busy pursuing wealth?


Will I be a decisive leader,

or a weakly hungry to please, tainted, immoral head?


Give to charity and ministry,

or take and take till it rots?


Photo credit |

Photo credit | sunriserounds

Will humanity be grateful I walked in their midst,

or will I sneak out from the back door unnoticed?



1. I probably have the yellowest socks on earth. Can’t people accept just me as I am? Deal with it 🙂

Real yellowApparently perfect for camping because I can be spotted by choppers when in distress – my brother’s very useful advice

2. So the other day my supervisor asks if I’m planning to marry in the next FY because he’s already drafting a budget and wonders whether to factor my wife’s insurance or not. C’mon not you too boss . .

3. Life is going faster than the white lines on a highway driving, we know we need to stop and relax . . But how exactly do you do find true contentment in relaxation? – sleep all day, watch movies, tour the world?

4. We know what we must do to make our lives better, but we procrastinate.. . .



The truth >> Life will always be busy. Start.

5. Making our lives better includes switching from Safaricom to Airtel., why is this so difficult?!

A love affair with photography [I]

Photography and I always had this complicated relationship; meeting in common places, then stares and drooling but none of us making a move really, just some plain courtesies, and a hope that she’s thinking what I’m thinking . . .

Honestly, I didn’t care much for my unit in campus.

It was scheduled on a Friday afternoon – a time when my attention was totally sold to colorful weekend scents; I found the DSLR we used too old, complex and irrelevant . . .  the dark room too dark and the developer/ exposure chemicals very much nauseating.

The reason I probably stuck on was because it was a compulsory unit. But what the history books havn’t said yet is the real reason: that there was a lass I had my eyes on, and we somehow got paired up by the lecturer. .

This meant doing practical sessions together, ha! My enthusiasm for the course hit an abnormal high. Oh I couldn’t wait for days we went shooting, always hoping for complex assignments that would keep us glued together studying the complexities of photography, ahem.

But my photos, well . . . were mostly guess work.

Photo credit | The Chive

Photo credit | The Chive

She taught me a thing or two though. I aced it, sighing a relief as I walked out of those gates thinking me and photography we were done.

Only I didn’t know my career would take a dive into this!

Fortunately through the love-hate relationships, God has been sending me some angels in the form of Nazaryan a war photographer, and Kelly who makes humanitarian photography look sexy. I’m not kidding, go look. And it’s Kelly who gave me this . .

The unforgettable photograph

… through it I’m learning to capture emotion, to take a moment, raise it and suspend it to eternity.  . to reveal what people are truly feeling.

Tough nut.

But I also recently enrolled at PhotoMagic. I’m starting to see that those subliminal feelings we’ve had all along are actually something. The sparks and the glow . . . my, what a fire this is turning out to be!

A con’s guide to compassion

The first Church service I visit in this far away land is refreshingly beautiful! The songs are sung almost purely in Arabic, so I only hum along.

With a background from Nairobi though, I easily spot a con. At the service I have my eyes on one. He inspires this post:  

1. Wait for the ‘greet your neighbor’ proclamation. Do it with enthusiasm! Make the people you shake hands with feel like you’ve known each other all your lives.

2. The moment you hear a call for guests to rise and say hello to the church. Grab microphone with both hands, give such an emotional account about how your life can’t resume to normal because of some misfortune. Make sure it’s emotional enough to elicit some ooohs, and aaaahs from congregants.

3. Ensure you have some kind of proof, like an old photograph of the former state of things before misfortune.

4. Wave it in the air as you speak! Then display in front of faces of congregants at the front pew for scrutiny before settling in your seat.

5. Now proceed teary eyed.

6. With your head sunk in your hands, look extremely devastated. Let the photo slip off your hands. A congregant will pick it for you.

7. During singing time, regain your former joy!

8. Walk to the Pastor, wipe off some dust off his coat even though it can only be seen by you.

9. With this maneuver, you are free to change sitting positions now: strategically sit somewhere near the pastor’s section where most congregants are visible without much turning of your head.

10. Execute the Pastor’s directions in earnest e.g greeting/ hugging neighbor, etc

11. Stick around until service is over to witness avalanche of compassion. If not forthcoming, carry out one-on-one conversations for full effect.

“A man may manifest and communicate his joy, but he should conceal and smother his grief as much as possible.” ~ Robert Lee.

You may/not have been a con. My apologies.

Hello 30

Conversations about me settling down are picking quite a storm.

It’s gotten to a point where my boy in Uganda has volunteered to assist. And I am hopeful. Good thing is, he’s constantly updating me on progress:

Am [still] searching for a woman for you/ am using Google search engine/ that’s for high end independent mamazzz. .

Then another message:

Dude, am optimizing the festive season. . . with family, my village watunguyaz/ I have just spotted a nice shawtie in my home village for you . . .virgin . . what do you think?

To which I ask, does she speak Swahili? Does she speak English? How come you know so much about her unblemished ways.

Ha. Oh well. . .

In fact my colleague  believes nothing economically significant can mushroom from a single man. Show me just one who is able to make effective use of his money, he says, and just like that we burst out laughing, as I try to convince him about how well a few I know, are doing. We laugh again.

Laughter, a perfect antidote to a long unnecessary debate.

But look, I can see age 30 from here.

And 30 is a big deal. Biblical greats did things worth writing about at 30 >> Joseph became second in Egypt’s command// Saul became king// David became king// John the Baptist. .


At 30, societal expectations are that I have a wife and a kid(s), a house, a car or two. . . And this is great…

But as I wait for more updates, and a concrete strategic plan from my Ugandan friend :D, I feel we should aspire for more than just marriage, a big house, big car . .

We must aim to make a difference at 30 and beyond. Really, there should be more to look forward to than just these things.

3 more years before I say Hello 30. Not too far away.


What does 30 mean to you?

A brew of maize

Hot tea in hand, we stared at a row of maize stalks as if we could make them grow.

My colleague and I.

About a month prior we’d taken part in a Conservation Farming demo, and here we were, looking quite disturbed at how tall, and how short some were; yet we had provided matching conditions for each right from day 0.

Me to her:
“Do you think God also endows us with almost equal skills and giftings then wonders someday why some have so adequately exploited theirs, and others have fallen short – under fairly similar conditions?”

Her to me:
“What if God never expected us to be equal; that it’s our diversity that makes everything so beautiful? .

Photo credit | Edible Geography

Photo credit | Edible Geography

“Could it be the issue with marriages? one partner trying so hard to make the other extremely similar to to them? Could it be the issue with the world – fighting diversity of any kind? Maybe if we quit this obsession, the world can be a better place. . . ”

I sip my tea, as I let it all brew in my head.

Any takers, your view?