The Masses [2]

Image doing rounds on social media, no idea who drew this. I find it relevant.

As a class, you and I and our friends who comprise the elite are incredibly blind. We refuse to see what we do not want to see. That is why we have not brought about the changes which our society must undergo or be written off. We have no option really; if we do not move, we shall be moved.

The masses whose name we take in vain are not amused; they do not enjoy their punishment and poverty. We say thoughtlessly that politics is a game of numbers. So it is. The masses own the nation because they have the numbers. And when they move they will do it knowing that God loves them or He would not have made so many of them.

 – From The Trouble with Nigeria, Chinua Achebe


Wretched – Trouble with Kenya [1]

After flipping the last page of The Trouble With Nigeria, I wonder to myself if there are any chances that the distinguished author could rename the book title to be The Trouble with Kenya. Many reasons for these disturbing thoughts,  which I’ll share as posts here in the next few days. They are excerpts from the book.

The real victims of our callous system, the wretched of the earth: the peasant scratching out a living in the deteriorating rural environment, the petty trader with all his wares on his head, the beggar under the fly-over and millions that you cannot even recognize.

They are largely silent and invisible. They don’t appear on front pages; they do not initiate industrial actions. They drink bad water and suffer from all kinds of preventable diseases. There are no hospitals within reach of them; but even if there were they couldn’t afford to attend. There may be a school of sorts which their children go to when there is ‘free education’ and withdraw from when ‘levies’ are demanded.

The politician may pay them a siren-visit once in four years and promise to give them this and that and the other. He never says that what he gives is theirs in the first place.

 – From The Trouble with Nigeria, Chinua Achebe