Strokes of possibility

Due to some recent happenings, I sat with myself and thought and thought . . . Fortunately, some inspiration drove by. It was in the form of some coooool site. But wait before we get there. . .

Am strongly convicted that:

The important thing is not merely attendance of more church services or any more motivational forums, but acting upon what you hear.

When you find that one thing you’re gifted at, and give it your best, sonny the world is yours.


That said, here’s the site that colors your office with strokes of possibility, in form of cool office art >>> It’s where I nicked this images from. Lot’s of truth here.






gaping voidmake-something-that-matters_1

gaping void 6
GapingVoidMasterDestiny images



Yesterday Myles and Ruth Munroe passed on. It’s sobering to see such stars take a bow. Life is short. In the evening of mine, I hope I can be as confident as Myles was in his last interviews here in Kenya, when he said. . .


Rest well Myles, touched my life.